The BRF created the Office for Research Development and Administration (ORDA) in 2015 to seek and pursue new research initiatives and provide support for the conduct of clinical trials towards new treatments and diagnostics, improvement of patient care and economic development of North Louisiana.

The BRF supports clinical research for new treatments to keep patients well and encourage economic growth. The mission of its latest initiative, created in 2015, the Office for Research Development and Administration (ORDA), is to initiate and support clinical and translational research initiatives in North Louisiana.

ORDA develops and supports new research initiatives. Among its activities are to implementing seed funding support for proof of concept collaborative projects of translational potential by research groups in North Louisiana, sponsoring a national biomedical conference, and developing currently unavailable research services for the region. ORDA plays a significant role in establishing research collaborations with community physicians, start-up companies, academic medical centers and research institutions.

ORDA is headed by Vassia Roulia, Vice President for Research Development and Administration.
Contact: Vassia.Roulia@brfla.orgĀ or 318-716-4131

Call for Applications

Past RFP programs: Neuroscience and Neuroengineering; Aging
Funding Period: Dec. 1, 2016 – Nov. 30, 2017

RFPs are closed at this time. Please check back for future programs.

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