The Digital Media Institute at InterTech trains students through one-year accelerated programs in animation, visual effects, interactive content and game development in a real-world atmosphere. The Institute’s mission is to deliver high quality training taught by industry professionals and prepare students for careers in digital media.

The Digital Media Institute at InterTech moved to BRF’s InterTech Science Park in 2014 after residing on the LSU Shreveport campus for five years. DMII’s mission is to deliver quality, rapid 21st century training for careers in digital media. DMII offers accelerated, one-year programs to train students, filling a workforce need as today’s businesses are learning to adapt to the ever-growing digital world.

DMII is the only non-profit digital media school in the region that supports collaborative efforts with businesses and industries to create more economic activity for the community. Students benefit from a “learn by doing” approach, and the instructors and administrators create an atmosphere that facilitates real-world scenarios. Drawn from a diverse local population which includes working professionals or recent high school or college graduates, DMII students become adept at animation, visual effects and computer graphics for film and interactive gaming. The program prepares students for career positions such as a 3D modeler, 3D texture artist, rotoscope artist, scene layout artist and 2D compositing artist, among others.

DMII offers the most accelerated program in Louisiana with high-quality training with day and night class options, as well as a 24-hour flex lab where students can work on independent projects. Students benefit from an enhanced workforce dynamic with a unique environment—all at a low cost.

Among its varied projects, DMII team completed a virtual reality Oculus Rift experience for local startup company SkyRunner, which produces flying off road vehicles.

DMII continues to work to diversify its offerings, with new programs in development both in the one-year intensive model as well as partnerships with regional 2-4 year schools in the area to enhance digital media education. It is seeking accreditation from a national accreditation body that will enable DMII students to be eligible for federal financial aid.